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Creating a vision and selling it to the board

October 2013

IT leaders need to be much more confident about developing their own unique viewpoint — and be ready to paint a picture to the rest of the management team about how that can deliver major business benefits, argues Seth Godin in our exclusive video.

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How do CIOs, CMOs and the rest of the C-suite stand out from the crowd? How do they get the attention of their management peers? How do they get their ideas listened to? And, ultimately, how do they have a positive impact on their organization’s future?

Seth Godin, best-selling business author, prolific blogger and entrepreneur, argues in our exclusive video that executives need to abandon any remaining focus on the industrial age in order to squeeze out ever greater efficiencies from their processes. “Getting a little more efficient at yesterday’s job doesn't turn tomorrow into a better day for your company,” he maintains. “If that’s all your job is, it’s likely that you're going to fail.”

Rather, CXOs need to stick their necks out: develop and sell their unique, strong points of view on where they feel the business should go. “This is what’s missing in many executive suites,” says Godin.

“What we do for a living is make maps, not follow maps.”

But such vision can’t simply be supported by facts and figures — it needs to be backed by great storytelling. Business leaders need to be able to paint a compelling picture of where their vision will take the organization and the route to get there.

And to create real differentiation, that direction has to be different. “What we do for a living is we make maps, we don't follow maps,” and that means having a compass – a strategy approach that allows them to follow their vision even as the landscape around them changes. “A compass doesn't change when the map changes. You still have that true north, that place you were trying to go, the value you are working to create.” And CIOs, in particular, are well placed to take ownership of that compass, he argues.

First published
October 2013
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About: Seth Godin
Entrepreneur, blogger and the author of more than a dozen business bestsellers, Seth Godin is a global authority on leadership, business transformation and marketing strategy in a digital age.

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