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Why you need to become a chief connection officer

October 2013

In a world where productivity is no longer a differentiator, the role of IT leaders is changing, argues Seth Godin in our exclusive video. Their remit: enable valuable connections within and across the business environment.

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The secret to the prosperity of modern businesses is no longer productivity, says Seth Godin, best-selling business author, prolific blogger and entrepreneur: making ‘stuff’ faster, cheaper and with fewer errors is providing ever lower returns.

What businesses need to do to foster growth, argues Godin in our exclusive video, is “build connection, not stuff.”

“Connection is what the economy of the future is built on.”

“The company of the future is built around who wants to hear from us, who cares about what we do, who will miss us if we're gone.” he maintains. And that puts new responsibilities of CXOs to figure out how the business’s employees can be better connected, how the business can connect more frequently and relevantly to its customers, and how it builds and sustains connections with its partners.

Across all business activities, he says, leaders need to be asking themselves a fundamental question: How does this improve the quality of our connection?”

In Godin’s view: “Connection is what the economy of the future is built on.” And the job of today’s CIO is to be the chief connection officer: “To use information and data to create knowledge and have that knowledge translate into real, useful connection.”

First published
October 2013
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About: Seth Godin
Entrepreneur, blogger and the author of more than a dozen business bestsellers, Seth Godin is a global authority on leadership, business transformation and marketing strategy in a digital age.

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